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            YaJiang Photoelectric Won “Zhongzhao Lighting” and “Lighting Engineering Design” Award

            On September 8, 2018, the 13th Zhongzhao Lighting Awards Ceremony - The Night of the Intercultural Realm was held in the Shangyu Tiandu Grand Hotel. More than 400 experts, designers and business representatives from the industry attended the ceremony and it was star-studded.

            According to reports, for the award this time, there are 199 for engineering projects; 3 for education academic contribution, 13 for television studio, total is 215. The Xiamen Key Area Night Lighting Project, designed by Dongliang International Lighting Design (Beijing) Center Co., Ltd., won the China Lighting Society Special Award & Lighting Engineering Design First Prize.

            In the night scene lighting project of key areas in Xiamen, Yajiang has the honor to participate in and share a little contribution. The project applied the intelligent white light series products and colorful series products specially designed by Yajiang for this project - AM723CA3T, AM702CAT, AM714CAT, AM724CA2T, to realize the design concept of architectural and hospitality.

            About Zhongzhao Lighting Award

            The Zhongzhao Lighting Award is the only scientific and technological award in the Chinese lighting field that was established by the China Lighting Society in 2005 and officially approved by the National Science and Technology Awards Office. The purpose is to reward enterprises and individuals who have made outstanding contributions to scientific research, technological innovation, application of results, realization of high-tech industrialization, lighting engineering implementation and popular science education in the field of lighting at home and abroad. Through reward activities, we will affirm high-level scientific and technological innovation and lighting design projects, effectively improve the quality and enthusiasm of employees, and unify the lighting quality of the entire lighting field. Let the whole society know more about the lighting industry, and then truly promote the development of high quality and high added value in the whole field, creating a better light environment for people's lives.

            In this ceremony, Yajiang and Nanjing Street Lamp Engineering Construction Co., Ltd. declared the “Nanjing Lukou Airport Night Lighting Project” won the third prize of the 13th Zhongzhao Lighting Award-Lighting Engineering Design Award.

            Nanjing Lukou Airport nightscape lighting project uses Yajiang classic star products - AM723XWT and AM724XWT, its excellent color mixing effect makes the airport radiant, with colors to set off various patterns, sometimes blue water ripples, sometimes fireworks Blooming, bright flowers in the blink of an eye, the change of light color gives the airport a sense of rhythm.

            Yajiang can provide products and professional technical support for various big projects, and contribute to the lighting industry. This is our honor and also to our greatest support and recognition. It is also the driving force for us to move on.


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