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            New intelligent dimming technology opens a new era of LED application

            Stage lighting is an important part of stage art,People have been pursuing various lighting to achieve the desired artistic effect, Therefore, the selection and configuration of stage lighting is particularly important, dimmer is the basic of lighting changes on stage. With development of stage light, people demand more and more professional and intelligent lighting products, dimmer system is to be request more intelligent.

            New technology of LED is going to replace the traditional lamp

            LED Lighting will be the future of stage light, while in theatre, function hall, conference room, there are still control by dimmer pack, if the LED products cannot be compatible with traditional lights, there will cause problems.

            Yajianghave been working on the application of LED light source in the field of stage lighting. After years of deep exploration, the innovative new intelligent dimming technology has been successfully developed, the LED product can be compatible both for DMX and traditional dimmer pack control.

            Our new product was launch in the market now,and the performance and technology are in leading level in the industry. SS807SWD(LED profile) and SS808SWD (LED Fresnel), develop with a intelligent dimming system, can compabile both for DMX and dimmer pack.

            Yajiang develop a new technology—Intelligent LED dimming system, The dimming system adapted to the development of stage lighting products. this new dimmering system can decrease costs for the end users when re-new their traditional product to be LED. This new system no longer restricted by the traditional control system, making the dimming control equipment compatible to the LED products, big cost saving for end users.

            The designers highlights:

            Mu weixun, director of the institute of architecture and art in China said that SILVER STAR new intelligent 180W SS808SW, can replace the 1000W traditional fresnel, it supports DMX512 and dimmer pack, it is first product can do this in the maket.

            Nanjing lighting society secretary shen ru said: this new intelligent SS808SW, with auto transfer from DMX512 to dimmer pack control, this make the perfect combination for the dimmer control system while change the traditional products to LED; also the with flat dimmer curve as even with traditional lamps”

            Features of product:

            Stage series-ECLIPSE 750 SS807SWD (LED Profile)

            Dimmer pack/DMX512 control compatible

            Dimmer curve as flat as traditional lamps

            19/26/36/50 lens tube optional

            Stage series-Freano ze-2 SS808SWD (LED Fresnel)

            Dimmer pack/DMX512 control compatible

            Electronic Zoom 15-60deg

            Flat dimmer curve as halogen lamps


            Replace 1000W halogen lamps



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