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            Yajiang Keeps on fund For The Poor Students Schooling

            There is a saying “Kindness, goodness, the impact on the life may be beyond your imagination”. 17th Jan, 2017, Yajiang helps underprivileged student for their education, this Charity event Organized by the Huashan Town Government of Huadu District, held in the Huashan government Office.

            Chairman of Yajiang-Chen Zhiman and Vice-president Li Minghui attend the Charity event

            Till now, Yajiang had been support for this Charity for 12 years, support for this charity for more than 1million RMB to underprivileged student for their education. Yajiang helps the students from primary school to education of their university. These students after graduate. They devote themselves to the society, take up the responsibility of family and make their own contribution to the society , Chairman of Yajiang Chen feel very gratified, and this is also the honor of Yajiang people.

            Zeng Sushan Speaking, Secretary of the Youth League Committee of Huashan Town

            Chen Zhiman, Chairman of Yajiang

            In this Charity event, Yajiang donate around 100,000 RMB, helping 35 students for their whole year education. as family reasons, they are in a poor condition, The event held by Yajiang and Huashan Government it is a great help, which relieved the students their worries. It allows them to devote themselves to their studies

            Grant aid to the students

            Yajaing Chariman and the students and parents

            At the end of the meeting, Chairman Chen said that the assisted students can give priority to hiring after graduation. The assisted students and parents thank for Yajiang’s long term helping and caring. The students said that the will work hard to improve their living conditions, create a world of their own, and give back to the society with practical actions, The future will continue to convey this love and positive energy.

            Donating money to school is a career that is conducive to the future. For education, using practical actions to help students, this is the embodiment of Yajiang courage to undertake social responsibility. Through such events, brings the warmth and comfort to the students. And hope more and more caring enterprises will join the donated scholars.


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